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Industry news

Differences and advantages between DD motor terminals and traditional products
Release time:2022-04-21Views:3491

DD is the abbreviation of direct drive. The motor behind DD of motor terminal is called DD direct drive motor. It is a direct drive motor terminal, which does not need ball club, gear, belt and other deceleration devices. It is also known as electronic rotary worktable.

Due to their large output torque, some companies directly call DD motor torque motor.

Different from traditional motor terminals, the high torque of DD motor terminal enables it to be directly connected to the moving device, thus saving the reducer, gearbox, pulley and other connecting mechanisms. Therefore, it is called the direct drive motor terminal.

DD motor provides high performance of zero-maintenance servo solutions.

Different from traditional servo motor, because the motor is equipped with a high analysis encoder, the product can achieve a higher positioning accuracy than the ordinary servo, and can be used as a flexible divider.

Due to the direct connection, the positioning error caused by the mechanical structure is reduced and the process accuracy is guaranteed.

For some camshaft control modes, on the one hand, the dimensional error caused by mechanical structure friction is reduced, on the other hand, the installation is relatively simple, and the noise of motor during operation is also greatly reduced.

The working principle of DD motor is the same as that of ordinary DC motor. The difference lies in its structure. In order to generate large torque and low rotational speed under a certain volume and voltage, DC torque motor generally adopts a planar structure with many pole pairs, which is mainly used to reduce the fluctuation of torque and speed. Permanent magnets are usually used to generate magnetic fields.


In conclusion, the advantages of DD motor terminals are:

1. It can be driven directly without reducer;

2. Motor maintenance is not required;

3. Save design space;

4. Reduce installation parts;

5. It can reduce the design, assembly and adjustment time;

6. Improve efficiency.

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