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Battery shrapnel, conforming to Rosh standard. Stainless steel imported from Japan is manufactured by stamping on the premise of low material consumption. It has the characteristics of light weight, good stiffness, high strength, uniform size with the module, good interchangeability and surface quality.Contact Us Today and let our experts help you with your project. 
  • Battery shrapnelBattery shrapnel
  • Shrapnel for cameraShrapnel for camera
  • Stainless steel shrapnelStainless steel shrapnel
  • Micro shrapnel for motorMicro shrapnel for motor
  • Customized camera shrapnelCustomized camera shrapnel
  • Beryllium Copper Gold Plated ShrapnelBeryllium Copper Gold Plated Shrapnel
  • Battery Shrapnel For ShaverBattery Shrapnel For Shaver
  • Metal stamping shrapnelMetal stamping shrapnel
  • Custom battery shrapnelCustom battery shrapnel
  • Stamping part shrapnelStamping part shrapnel
  • Curved Beryllium Copper Plate ShrapnelCurved Beryllium Copper Plate Shrapnel
  • EFTEC-64T Shrapnel For ShaverEFTEC-64T Shrapnel For Shaver
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