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Metal manufacturing

Hashimoto Precision provides metal stamping service - metal manufacturing, which can manufacture custom metal stamping die and parts according to the needs and ideas of the customers with all the technology.

Die making technology from trial-production to mass-production

Self-production capacity

Hashimoto Precision is internally making the dies (trial-made dies, small-batch dies and mass-production dies) within the HSK group. 

Advanced technoloty

Hashimoto Precision is good at composite stamping for riveting in progressive dies. Even for difficult products such as tiny shapes and complex manual processing ones, Hashimoto Precision can also use its own ultra-precision die manufacturing technology to make trial dies.

Advanced die design

In terms of die design, more than 3000 sets have been made so far. Hashimoto Precision produces ultra-high precision and custom metal stamping dies with years of slender stripe layout technology.

Processional machine

PG optical grinding, machining center, wire cutting, EDM, and other grinding flows are used to process parts and improve precision. For the materials with 0.02mm thickness, a 0.05mm gap can be stamped out, and the gap between parts is very small.
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Insist that die making and originality are the starter for manufacturing

● As for the die making, Hashimoto Precision will make a variety of efforts to provide better metal stamping service, for example, consider how to improve the operation efficiency of stamping.  

● Many stamping die parts are made of super-hard materials to be maintenance-free.

● Considering customers' quantities, expected delivery dates, and shapes, Hashimoto Precision has correspondingly selected the trial dies, medium batch dies and batch dies to meet the production demands of the metal stamping parts.


Progrssive dies manufacturing

The Japanese company is the first research and development of stamping composite progressive die factory and has accumulated rich experience in progressive die stamping production and quality stability.

Especially in electrical contact parts, it can be processed and manufactured according to material characteristics, contact pressure, resistance, and other performances. The combination of ultra-micro electrical contacts that have been difficult to process before can also be achieved. For other complex shapes, including ultra-micro products and ultra-thin products, please feel free to contact us.


Put forward suggestions on trial from material selection to processing methods

● According to the drawings received from customers (even rough drawings) and the product characteristics, Hashimoto Precision is good at proposing material selection and processing methods. 

● Based on the material and product shape, the shortest trial delivery period is 3 days. By creating a database of manufacturing technology accumulated over the years, Hashimoto Precision can deliver products that meet customer needs.
● To help development engineers shorten their time to market, the design of custom metal stamping die will start as soon as the customer drawings are received; meanwhile, inventory materials are used for trial made. The introduction of processing simulation software is helpful to further shorten the trial production process and shorten the die-making time. Hashimoto Precision provides various development projects with ultra-precision, short delivery development trials, improvement proposals, and mass production trials.


Take full account of the feasibility of mass production for trial-made

● Hashimoto Precision can operate with low-volume, multi-species, and mass products, with a high-precision and low-cost production system from trial development, assembly to mass production.  

● Hashimoto Precision is especially good at fully considering the feasibility of mass production on trial-made, with stable accuracy and quality to gain the trust of customers. 

● From trial to die making, mass production, there are all completed within the HSK group, which can respond quickly to shapes and pattern changes in urgent cases.

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