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Automotive Industry - Automotive Stamping

60~70% of the worlds steel is sheet materials, most of which are completed by punching machines. Metal stamping parts belong to the category of parts and components. The metal stamping part is the basic unit of machine instruments, various consumer electronic products, and mechanical equipment.

In addition, metal stamping part is most widely used in the automotive industry. The automotive stamping parts play a critical role in the automotive industry, encompassing various automotive metal stamping parts. These include car front and rear covers, airbag blasting sheets, bottom plate formations, and micro-motor terminal brackets for doors and windows. These components are essential automotive metal stamping parts, contributing to the thriving automotive stamping industry.

At Hashimoto Precision, we focus on the development and production of automotive metal stamping parts. Our dedication lies in providing high-precision and small-scale automotive stamping solutions. We have partnered with new energy vehicle enterprises to manufacture precise automotive metal stamping parts with a thickness ranging from 0.02mm to 2.0mm. This includes charging pile terminals, bayonet hardware, automotive terminals, automobile camera gaskets, and more.


Why Choose Hashimoto Precision

The automotive metal stamping parts from Hashimoto Precision are certified by IATF16949 and are qualified for metal stamping in the automotive industry. In addition, Hashimoto Precision has a professional technical team that can provide you with solutions in the automotive metal stamping industry. In addition, the quality team can guarantee the quality of your automotive metal stamping parts.

The automotive metal stamping parts comply with ROHS, REACH, ISO9001, ISO14001, IATF 16949, etc. We mainly manufacture non-standard parts, and measurement tolerances are managed according to customer requirements. The custom automotive metal stamping parts from Hashimoto Precision can meet your requirements.


Materials Used
for Automotive Metal Stamping
Various copper alloy materials, stainless steel, iron, high nickel magnetic, aluminum, etc., are mainly used in the automotive industry.


The Advantages of Hashimoto Precision

l  The thickness of the automotive stamping parts is up to 0.02-2.0mm.

l  Hashimoto Precision has inherited the spirit of craftsmanship for over 80 years and has accumulated rich experience in automotive stamping die manufacturing.

l  Hashimoto Precision owns 43 punching machines, optical grinding machines, wire cutting, etc.

l  Hashimoto Precision has a portrait measurement system and automatic measuring system.

l  The metal stamping parts comply with ROHS and REACH standards.


Other Industries We Serve

In addition to our automotive stamping parts, our metal stamping parts are also widely used in the medical and consumer electronics fields. 

With the aging process and the impact of COVID-19, China's medical industry has developed rapidly. Moreover, Hashimoto Precision has specialized in metal stamping parts in the consumer electronics industry for over 80 years.


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