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Stamping is a forming and processing method of applying an external force to sheet materials, strip materials, pipe materials, and profile materials by punch and die to make the plastic deformation or separation to obtain the required shape and size of the workpiece (stamping parts). Stamping and forging belong to the flexible forming process (or pressure working). Stamping blanks (raw materials not processed) are mainly hot-rolled and cold-rolled steel sheets and strips. 60 ~ 70% of the world's steel is sheet materials, most of which are made into finished stamping parts through stamping. Hashimoto Precision mainly adopts reel stamping and progressive die stamping.

       Metal stamping dies and parts are very common in our lives—the camera terminals, the automotive terminals, etc.

Custom metal stamping dies, and parts are applied in many industries, such as the automotive, consumer, and medical device industries. The custom metal stamping dies, and parts are all specially made for the different needs of customers. The metal stamping industry of Hashimoto Precision is professional and experienced. Over these years, Hashimoto Precision has provided precision metal stamping dies, parts, and comprehensive metal stamping services for different industries. Because of its high-quality custom metal stamping dies and customer-oriented services, Hashimoto Precision - the custom metal stamping manufacturer, has built business relations with many customers.

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