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Industry news

Operating principle of micro-motor terminal
Release time:2022-04-21Views:3607

Micro-motor terminals work entirely in the microscopic field, involving quantum physics. The motion of particles generates energy. This very creative experiment was jointly developed by EMPA and EPFL. 16 atoms form a very stable triangular structure, divided into rotor and stator. Motor terminals less than one nanometer can operate under certain conditions.

Since it's a motor, which needs energy, but nano-motor needs relatively less energy, and we can drive it by heat or electricity. In principle, it is very similar to a motor. As long as the motor gives energy, the rotor can move or on a very stable and constant motion. It has been repeatedly verified in the laboratory.

In fact, we are familiar with nano. Many new nano materials have been used in daily life. With the continuous progress and development of quantum physics, the application of nano-scale small devices has emerged.. Although these successes are still in the laboratory stage and there is still a long way to go for commercialization, and nano-motors have accelerated this process. Nano motors also have great advantages. We should know that our engines in the macro world should overcome the resistance.

But it is not a problem in the micro world. As long as there is a little energy, the energy generated by nano motor is very considerable, just like the power on of motor. After power failure, the motor terminal can run hundreds of kilometers. Even under a very rare capacity supply, nano motor can also move, and particles can pass through the wall after encountering obstacles (quantum tunneling theory), which also breaks the conservation law of traditional physics.

The more humans know about micro-particles, the more problems we will find. Of course, these will have a good effect on promoting human development. Most importantly, human technology has entered a bottleneck period. In the detailed micro world, quantum physics can break this bottleneck and make human technology explode again!


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