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Industry news

Types and characteristics of automobile terminals
Release time:2022-03-05Views:3630

There is a common classification of automobile wiring terminal, which is called plug-in automobile wiring terminal. It is formed by plugging and connecting two parts. Press one part, then insert another part and weld to PCB board. This bottom mechanical principle ensures the long-term airtight connection of the product and the reliability of finished product. Ears can be installed at both ends of the socket, which can protect joints to a large extent and prevent poor arrangement of joints. At the same time, this socket design can ensure that the socket can be properly inserted into the matrix. Sockets can also have assembly buckle and lock buckle. The assembly buckle can be more stably fixed on the PCB board, and the matrix and socket can be locked after installation. Various socket designs can be matched with different maternal inserts, such as horizontal, vertical or inclined printed circuit board. Different methods can be selected according to customer requirements. You can choose metric wire gauge or standard wire gauge, which is the best-selling terminal type in the market.

Characteristic description of automobile terminal: each connection area is composed of insulation base, U-frame, nut, hexagon socket screw, upper and lower movable blocks and connecting holes between the relative contact surfaces of the upper and lower movable blocks. The hexagon socket screw passes through the top of the nut to directly connect cables of different thickness to the high-current automobile terminal.

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