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Industry news

The application of automobile terminals is increasingly widespread
Release time:2022-03-05Views:3574

Nowadays, with the progress of industrial automation, the requirements for industrial control are becoming more and more strict and accurate. The consumption of automobile terminals is gradually increasing, and the application range and types of automobile terminals are becoming wider and wider.

So what are the types of automobile terminals? Automobile terminals can generally be divided into:

  • European-type terminal series

  • Plug-in terminal series

  • Transformer terminals

  • Building wiring terminals

  • Fence terminal series

  • Spring terminal series

  • Rail terminal series

  • Through-wall terminal series

  • Photoelectric-coupled terminal series

In addition to PCB board terminals, there are hardware terminals / nut terminals / spring terminals, etc.

At present, the common automobile terminals include plug-in type, fence type, spring type, rail type, through-wall type, etc.

  1. Plug-in type

    By definition, the plug-in terminal is the terminal formed by plug-in connection, that is, part is pressed and then inserted into another part.

    Assembly ears can be installed at both ends of the socket, which can protect the joint to a large extent and prevent the poor layout of the joint. At the same time, this socket design ensures that the socket is correctly inserted into the matrix.

    The socket can also have assembly buckle and lock buckle. The assembly buckle can be more stably fixed on the PCB board, and the matrix and socket can be locked after installation.

    The plug-in terminal can choose metric wire gauge or standard wire gauge, which is the best-selling terminal type in the market.

  2. Fence type

    Fence automobile terminal can realize safe, reliable and efficient connection. It is specially designed for power applications and integrates a flip transparent safety cover.

    Such terminal can block the wire ends that may be messy or worn, and prevent the electrical short circuit between the same terminal base and adjacent components.

    It can realize safe, reliable and efficient connection, especially in the use of high current and high voltage environment.

  3. Spring type

    Spring terminal is a new type of terminal.

    It has great advantages in connector market sales, often used in many fields, such as urban rail transit, elevator, power control, safety lighting and so on.

  4. Rail type

    Rail terminal adopts wire pressing and unique thread self-locking design to provide reliable and safe wiring connection.

    In brief, it is actually a sheet of metal sealed in insulating plastic. There are holes at both ends to insert wires. There are screws for fastening or loosening. For example, sometimes two wires need to be connected and sometimes disconnected.

    At this time, they can be connected with terminals and can be disconnected at any time without welding or winding together, which is very convenient and fast.

  5. Through-wall type

    Through wall terminal adopts screw connection technology.

    It can be installed side by side on a panel with the thickness of 1mm to 10mm. It can automatically compensate and adjust the distance of the panel thickness to form any extreme terminal arrangement. The isolation plate can be used to increase the air clearance and creepage distance.

    Users can freely choose reinforcement methods: screw fixation, rivet fixation and flange fixation.

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