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Industry news

Selection principle of automotive terminals!
Release time:2022-06-13Views:1237

Depending on different plug-ins and different needs, choose different plated automotive terminals. For equipment with high performance requirements such as airbag, ABS and ECU, priority should be given to gold-plated parts to ensure safety and reliability. However, in order to save the cost, partial gold plating can be selected.


The specific selection principles are:

① Ensure that the car terminals are properly matched with the selected plug-ins.

② Select the appropriate automotive terminal for the wire diameter of the crimping wire.

③ For single-hole waterproof joint, the automotive terminal with the waterproof bolt crimped at the tail shall be selected.

④ Ensure the reliability of the connection. When selecting automotive terminals, good contact with electrical components and plug-ins shall be ensured to minimize contact resistance and improve reliability. For example, surface contact is better than point contact, and pinhole type outperformed leaf spring type. In the design, the plug connector with double spring compression structure (very small contact resistance) shall be preferred.

⑤ Impedance matching. Some signals have impedance matching requirements, especially RF signals, which have more stringent requirements for impedance matching. When the impedance does not match, it will cause signal reflection and affect signal transmission. Therefore, when selecting the automotive terminal, we must choose the automotive terminal with impedance matching.

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