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New energy hardware stamping parts

Plate Gasket For Heat Exchanger
  • Plate Gasket For Heat Exchanger
Plate Gasket For Heat Exchanger

Gasketed Plate Heat Exchanger

Product: Gasketed Plate Heat Exchanger

Product Type New energy hardware

Material: copper alloy

Production cycle: 7 days

Tolerance: The accuracy of metal stamping parts is up to ±0.001mm

Processing Metal stamping

Product specification: Customize

MOQ: xx pcs

OEM Offered

Annual production: 300,000,000 pcs

Delivery: 15 - 45 days

Product details

Product Features:

Gasketed plate heat exchanger is under a strict production management system from choosing materials to finished stamping parts. As a result, gasketed plate heat exchanger, a small metal stamping, is certified by ISO14001 and ISO9001. Moreover, the gasketed plate heat exchanger is environmental-friendly and meets the standard of RoHS.

The gasketed plate heat exchanger applies copper alloy imported from Japan. During stamping parts manufacturing, a gasketed plate heat exchanger is produced based on low material consumption.



Product Advantages:

Gasketed plate heat exchanger applies superior material - copper alloy, imported from Japan. In addition, gasketed plate heat exchangers, small metal stampings are manufactured under proven technology, machines, and professional workers. In addition, Hashimoto Precision owns a whole set of stamping machines. So these small metal stampings enjoy so many advantages.

l  Light weight

l  Good stiffness

l  High strength

l  Uniform size with the module

l  Good interchangeability

l  High surface quality



Production Flow

Hashimoto Precision owns the comprehensive production flow for each small metal stamping.

Step 1: Stamping

Workers operate the stamping machines to manufacture qualified small metal stampings during metal stamping.


Step 2:  Inspection

After metal stamping, there are delicate inspection instruments to inspect the quality and the precision of the gasketed plate heat exchanger.


Step 3:  Packaging

After careful inspection, our workers seriously pack gasketed plate heat exchangers to make sure the gasketed plate heat exchangers can be delivered  safely.



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