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Motor support

Metal Motor bracket
  • Metal Motor bracket
Metal Motor bracket

Metal Motor Bracket

Product: Metal Motor Bracket

Product Type Motor support

Material: Stainless steel

Production cycle: 7 days

Tolerance: The accuracy of metal stamping parts is up to ±0.001mm

Processing Metal stamping

Product specification: Customize

MOQ: xx pcs

OEM Offered

Annual production: 300,000,000 pcs

Delivery: 15 - 45 days

Product details

Product Features:

The metal motor bracket is under a strict production management system from choosing materials to finished stamping parts. As a result, the metal motor bracket, a stainless steel stamping part, is certified by ISO14001 and ISO9001. Moreover, the metal motor bracket meets the standard of IATF, which is an international standard for quality for the automotive industry.

Metal motor bracket applies stainless steel imported from Europe. As a stainless steel stamping part, the metal motor bracket is produced on the premise of low material consumption.



Product Advantages:

Metal motor bracket applies superior material - stainless steel, which is imported. In addition, a metal motor bracket,  a metal mounting bracket, is manufactured under proven technology, machines, and professional workers. Hashimoto Precision owns a whole set of stamping machines. So this stainless steel stamping part enjoys so many advantages.

l  Light weight

l  Good stiffness

l  High strength

l  Uniform size with the module

l  Good interchangeability

l  High surface quality



Production Flow

Hashimoto Precision owns the comprehensive production flow for each stainless steel stamping part.

Step 1: Stamping

Workers operate the stamping machines to manufacture the qualified small stainless steel stamping parts during metal stamping.


Step 2:  Inspection

After metal stamping, there are delicate inspection instruments to inspect the quality and the precision of the stainless steel stamping part.


Step 3:  Packaging

After careful inspection, our workers pack stainless steel stamping parts seriously to make sure the stainless steel stamping parts can be delivered safely.



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