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Industry news

What is the difference between sheet metal processing and precision metal stamping?
Release time:2022-08-05Views:1202

Precision metal stamping process is divided into bending and stretching, and sheet metal processing is mainly divided into shear cutting, bending and welding. There are great differences between the two processes, as follows.

The process flow of precision metal stamping and sheet metal is as follows:
Sheet metal parts are mainly bent by thin plates. The equipment used is mainly bending machine, and the parts are relatively large. The process is generally: plate cutting (blanking) - bending - welding. The machines used for metal stamping are punches, and the precision of parts is high. Generally speaking, stamping dies should be used to ensure stamping. Process: plate cutting (blanking) and deburring.

Quantity differs
Sheet metal processing is suitable for prototypes or small batch production. To be exact, it is used for samples, and the quantity is relatively small. If the mold is being set up, the cost of the mold cannot be recovered. Metal stamping is a kind of mass production, suitable for products with precision requirements. If the output is relatively large, the mold needs to be opened for stamping.

2. Different processes
Sheet metal parts are metal plate parts that workers manually knock with simple equipment such as hammers. It is characterized by low efficiency, manual control of parts quality, instability, and low cost which is used for small batch production or trial production. Stamping parts are metal plate parts stamped by dies and presses. It is characterized by high efficiency, part quality controlled by the mold, strong stability, and high cost, which is used for mass production.

3. Different processes
The forming and processing method in which stamping parts are made of presses and molds, and strips, pipes and profiles are plastically deformed or separated by external forces to obtain workpieces of required shapes and dimensions. Stamping and forging belong to plastic processing, collectively referred to as forging. Stamping billet is mainly hot-rolled and cold-rolled steel plate and strip.

Sheet metal is a comprehensive cold drawing process for metal plates, including cutting, punching/cutting/compounding, folding, welding, riveting, patching, forming, etc. Its obvious feature is that the thickness of the same part is consistent. The products processed according to the sheet metal process are called sheet metal parts. The sheet metal parts referred to in different industries are generally different and are mostly used for assembly.

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