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Industry news

Winding method of motor terminal and precautions
Release time:2022-03-09Views:4136

When refitting the winding of motor terminals, we should first understand the basic principle of motor terminals. Induced voltage equation of moving wire in magnetic field (no load) induced voltage on wire (e) = wire speed (v) × flux density vector (B) × Length of wire in magnetic field (l) e = v×b×l。

When the motor terminal runs to a steady speed, the value (e) rises to or equals to the external voltage (V), and the current is close to zero. At this time, the speed equation is equal to: wire speed (V) = external voltage (V) / (flux density vector (B) x length of the wire in the magnetic field (L). Therefore, when the external voltage remains unchanged, the wire speed (V) is inversely proportional to wire length (L). In other words, the shorter the wire, the faster the speed. But it cannot be too short, otherwise the starting current is too large and the motor terminal cannot move.

Principle of self-made winding motor terminal:

The longer the wire, the greater the torque and the slower the speed. Conversely, the shorter the wire, the smaller the torque and the faster the speed. As for some methods of using jumpers (change of winding sequence), emphasizing unexpected effect, because no theoretical basis, there is a view that fluency of winding is more important than everything else.

Self-made winding motor terminal methods:

1. Single wire single winding

2. Single wire double winding

3. Double wire single winding

4. Single wire rewinding

Precautions for self-made winding motor terminal:

1. The diameter of enameled wire varies from 0.4 to 0.7mm. There are different winding methods according to the diameter of enameled wire. If the diameter exceeds 0.6mm, only single wire winding method can be used. Double -wire winding method can be used for diameter 0.45mm~0.57mm, and triple-wire winding method can be used for painted wire with the diameter 0.4mm~0.5mm.

2. Different runway winding methods are different. If the runway requires greater endurance, it can be wound several times with a small diameter enameled wire. If a single wire of 0.45mm is used for winding around 28 laps, the ultra-linear runway is wound with 0.7mm enameled wire for 9 laps. For large ramp runways such as lightning dragon ring, 13 laps of 0.62mm enameled wire can be used, while for comprehensive runways, such as five track dragon, 9 laps of 0.51 enameled wires can be used.

3. Generally speaking, 5mm single wire shall be wound more than 12 laps. If the speed is high, multiple enameled wires shall be combined into one, which is the so-called multi-wire single-wire winding method. Pyramid winding method or single wire winding method can be used for high torque winding. If you want to consider speed and torque, you can choose high-speed rotor and high torque magnetic steel or high torque rotor and thin magnetic steel.

4. The more winding, the greater the torque of motor terminal and the slower the speed. Improving the performance of motor terminals depends on what kind of motor you need: if you need a large torque, you have to wind more wires, usually single wire or single wire composite. If you need speed type, you must use multiple enameled wires and spare. The key point of winding motor terminal is high saturation, that is, the wires should be closely arranged without gap. The thicker the diameter of enameled wire, the greater the current, but we should pay attention to the arrangement.

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