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Industry news

How to choose the front die structure in precision metal stamping?
Release time:2023-01-11Views:986

Whether the structure of cold stamping die design is reasonable or not plays a key role in the successful production of precision metal stamping. Even a group of simple mold parts have dozens of types, so their accuracy cannot be underestimated in design.

At the beginning of the design, what kind of mold structure should be selected (whether it is front mold structure or reverse mold structure, single process mold structure or composite mold structure) is a topic worthy of in-depth discussion.

1. Structural characteristics of front mounting die

The structural feature of the front die is that the female die is installed on the lower die base. Therefore, whether used for workpiece shedding, punching or other processes, the workpiece or scrap can easily fall into the scrap hole on the punching platform.

Therefore, it is not necessary to consider the flow of workpiece or scrap when designing the main die. This creates a simple and practical tool structure.

2. Advantages of front assembly mold structure

1) Because the mold structure is simple, it can shorten the mold manufacturing cycle, is conducive to the development of new products, and is more convenient to use and maintain.

2) It is easier to install and adjust the clearance of the male and female dies (relative to the reverse die). The mold manufacturing cost is low, which is conducive to improving the economic benefits of enterprises.

3) Because the pressure always exists during the whole stretching process, it is applicable to non-rotating stretching at zero position.

3. Disadvantages of front module structure

1) As the workpiece or scrap is accumulated in the die hole, the group lift in the die hole increases. Therefore, the wall thickness of concave surface must be increased to improve its strength.

(2) Because the workpiece or scrap is piled up in the hole of the die, the edge of the die must be processed with the drop slope. In some cases, the reverse hole (discharge hole) on the edge of the mold must be processed, which prolongs the cycle time of the mold and increases the processing cost of the mold.

4. Selection principle of front mold structure

To sum up, the principle we should follow when designing precision metal stamping dies is to give priority to the front die structure. Other forms of die structure can only be considered when the front die structure can meet the technical requirements of precision metal stamping parts.

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