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Industry news

The characteristics of precision metal stamping process
Release time:2022-11-09Views:1026

Precision metal stamping process is sometimes called progressive metal stamping process. It is a popular hardware processing and manufacturing process, enabling a series of precision parts that are difficult to manufacture in the industry to be produced in an efficient and economical way. Precision metal stamping process is a more common method used by manufacturers in various equipment applications. This article deeply explains the advantages and functions of the stamping process to ensure that everyone can benefit from the choice of precision metal stamping.

What is precision metal stamping?

This process uses machines with dies to convert sheet metal into custom shapes with extremely tight tolerances. The manufacturer can even use the single stroke of the press to complete these workpieces, which is called single-stage operation.

More complex parts may require multiple strokes, which is called serial operation. Precise metal stamping is flexible and adaptable, especially conducive to batch production.

Even for complex parts, the level of high accuracy is different from similar machining options. Precision metal stamping presses enable manufacturers to perform micro stamping and manufacture complex small parts, because even the smallest error may render the final product useless.

When manufacturing these parts, the accuracy and efficiency of precision metal stamping meet the high requirements of the automotive industry and even aerospace for stamping parts.

Precision metal stamping projects usually begin with computer modeling and virtual simulation of stamping process to check errors or defects. Once the test is completed, the computer will directly send the design to the machine in the effective process to reduce the chance of human error.

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