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Industry news

What are the motor terminals of variable-frequency motor and ordinary motor?
Release time:2022-05-07Views:3777

The motor terminal of variable-frequency motor, also known as the motor terminal of variable-frequency speed regulation motor, controls the motor through what we often call frequency converter. In fact, in addition to frequency converted motor itself, such as three-phase asynchronous motor, the function of variable-frequency motor can also be realized by adding frequency converter. Its characteristic is that the frequency can be adjusted according to the load. If the voltage is low, the frequency conversion motor can be used to reduce the frequency, so that the motor can start reliably. If the load is light, the frequency conversion motor can be used to reduce the frequency, reduce the current and speed, and save electricity.

Ordinary motor (also known as motor terminal) is an electrical device used to convert electricity into force energy, which is used in various electrical or mechanical, such as industrial robots. Motor is the driving device of industrial robot, which can provide motion for the arm of industrial robot. Its characteristic is that it can rotate as long as it is powered on. As long as there is a power failure, the rotation will stop. The rotation and stop will not react immediately, and the speed cannot be adjusted. The speed can only be slowly reduced through the reducer.

The motor terminal of variable frequency motor and that of ordinary motor have their own advantages. For example, the variable frequency motor can achieve the effect of frequency conversion and can be applied to a wide range of working frequencies. Therefore, its advantages are recognized by the public. It is also a high proportion of the market products, but increasing the electromagnetic load makes the magnetic circuit not easy to be saturated. Ordinary motor has simple structure and convenient maintenance. The price is more affordable than variable frequency motor, but it is overheating.

What is the difference between frequency conversion motor and ordinary motor?

  1. Different heat dissipation conditions: common motor terminals and radiator fans use the same line, while variable frequency motors and cooling fans use separate lines. Therefore, when the frequency of ordinary motors is too low, it may be burned due to excessive temperature. Ordinary motors can only operate under rated conditions according to the frequency of municipal power and the corresponding power design. Variable frequency motors need to overcome the high temperature and vibration at low frequency. Therefore, the design of variable frequency motors is better than ordinary motors.

  2. Different insulation levels: variable frequency motor needs to withstand high-frequency electromagnetic fields, so its insulation level is higher than that of ordinary motor. Under normal circumstances, the frequency converter cannot be applied to ordinary motors, but in the actual operation process, in order to save costs, the ordinary motor will be used to replace the frequency conversion motor. However, the speed regulation accuracy of ordinary motor is not too high, which is usually used for the energy-saving transformation of fans and pumps.

  3. Different service life: the service life of variable frequency motor is usually longer than that of ordinary motor. When an ordinary motor runs, its load frequency can reach thousands of Hertz. The stator winding will withstand a higher voltage, just like applying a larger steep impact voltage to it, which will allow the interturn insulation of ordinary motors to experience a more brutal experience. Variable frequency motor can work under the voltage of rectifier filter circuit, with more stable performance and longer service life.

The above is related to the motor terminal of variable frequency motor. By browsing the above article, we can understand that variable frequency motor is a motor terminal controlled by frequency converter, which is different from ordinary motor in terms of heat dissipation conditions, insulation level and service life. When purchasing, we can choose based on the usual experience and practicability to purchase the proper motor terminals.

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