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Industry news

What processing technology does the workshop of precision metal stamping parts have?
Release time:2022-10-25Views:938

1. The raw materials of stamping parts shall have quality introduction, and ensure that the materials meet the specified technical standards. If there is no quality introduction or other reasons, the stamping parts manufacturer can return or replace the raw materials as required.

2. After purchasing raw materials, the stamping manufacturer shall carry out chemical analysis and metallographic inspection on the raw materials, analyze the content of chemical elements, determine the particle level and symmetry, comment on the level of dispersed nitriding, banded structure and non-metallic assimilates, and check the defects such as shrinkage and looseness; stamping raw materials after passing the test.

3. Inspect the mechanical function of electronic stamping materials, including the compressive strength, tensile strength, increase rate, section compression rate and Rockwell hardness of materials.

4. Forming test; sinking test and cupping test of stamping materials to check the material processing strength index and plastic strain ratio.

5. Electromagnetic function of stamping materials and coating, measuring the adhesion of coating.

There are many manufacturing processes in the precision metal stamping parts processing workshop. The key is to produce stamping blanks and stamping parts. The other is to assist in mold testing, mold maintenance, stamping parts maintenance, waste transportation, etc.

Production process of precision metal stamping blank: coil feeding - uncoiling - shearing head - flushing - leveling - feeding - shearing, etc. Blanking is the process of processing coiled materials into material sheets required for stamping parts, followed by the production process of stamping parts. The stretching stamping parts must be stretched, trimmed, flanged, formed, punched, reshaped and other processes, and the layout differences shall be adjusted and processed according to the style of precision hardware stamping parts.

In addition, there is also the maintenance of stamping die. The electronic stamping workshop generally needs to set up simple mechanical maintenance equipment for daily maintenance of stamping dies. If the load rate of the press production line is relatively high, it is also necessary to set up a mold testing press in the mold maintenance area. For the waste cut in the stamping process, a dense discharge area for waste collection shall be set up. For the maintenance of stamping parts, a special maintenance area should also be set up to repair the burrs and other surface defects of precision metal stamping parts.

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