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Industry news

Problems encountered in bending treatment of precision metal stampings
Release time:2022-12-02Views:829

What problems will be encountered in the drawing and bending of aluminum profiles in precision metal stampings? Some problems may seriously affect the product qualification rate and production efficiency, thus increasing production costs and greatly affecting the normal operation and production of the enterprise. Here we share these problems and solutions.

We analyze possible problems from six aspects: outline deviation, surface defects, distortion after drawing and bending, large verticality, process length of profile, and safety production.

1. Outline deviation

The main factors causing outline deviation are:

1) Curvature spring-back change of wire drawing and bending die;

2) Harmful substances in each batch of metallurgical extruded profiles, and the local hardness of materials is uneven;

3) The change of curvature bending radius is too large;

4) The sectional area of the profile blank is uneven.

2. Surface defects

Surface defects include cracks, shrinkage folds, and horizontal sagging marks after bending.

3. Distortion after drawing and bending

Due to the asymmetry of the sectional area of the profile, the stress between the closed edge and the released edge of the profile is unbalanced, and it will twist after drawing and bending.

4. Large verticality

Verticality refers to the vertical reference (perpendicular to the radius of curvature of the mold) to check the angular deviation between platforms.

5. Process length of profile

Bending process length refers to that the actual length of the part exceeds the length of the process material required by the drawing and bending dies, fixtures and equipment.

6. Safe production

Safety is the most important issue in the industrial production process. When the profile is bent, due to unexpected factors, it may suddenly break and pop out, causing equipment damage and casualties, seriously affecting the development of the enterprise.

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