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Industry news

Scheme for detecting automobile terminals
Release time:2022-05-07Views:2607

Nowadays, more and more young people don't have much obsession about buying a house. Instead, they want to have their own car. The safety performance of cars will make the younger generation even more concerned. Automobile terminal is highly required as the current and signal transmission connector of various electronic harnesses. If the harness is human nerve line, the automobile terminal is the contact point of various nerve lines.

As the nervous system connecting automotive appliances, automobile terminals carry the transmission task of current and signal. Therefore, once the waterproof of automobile terminal fails, it will lead to the failure of automobile function, and in serious cases, it will lead to disasters such as short circuit, automobile combustion and so on.

Therefore, the waterproof performance design of automobile terminals is particularly important in the design of automotive electrical system. In particular, the terminal of new energy vehicles requires a high waterproof grade.

IP68 protection grade test is used for automotive terminals, mainly testing whether the row needle, shell and point sealant have water ingress. According to the above requirements, the following equipment and test scheme are adopted.

Test scheme: direct test method. Customize mold according to the automotive terminal structure; put the terminal into the waterproof tester mold; press the start button; block both ends of the terminal; the waterproof tester starts the test procedure; inflate, stabilize and test the terminal according to the set parameters, and test the product leakage by monitoring the pressure change. The terminal system that exceeds the upper limit of leakage value or cannot reach the test pressure is automatically determined as NG.

This air tightness detection method with compressed air as the medium has many advantages. The first is nondestructive testing, because the testing medium is air, which will not damage the product; Secondly, because air molecules are smaller than water molecules, the test results are more accurate, the operation is simple and the test process is fast.


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