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Industry news

Quality requirements for precision metal stampings
Release time:2022-11-02Views:733

Stamping parts need anti-corrosion treatment throughout the manufacturing process to prevent corrosion during product use. We have selected some anti-corrosion treatment skills of stamping and stretching parts for your reference.

Epoxy zinc rich primer is applied to stamping parts for heating, which can improve the adhesion of epoxy zinc rich primer and accelerate drying.

The mixed mortar lining and special coating can improve the corrosion resistance of the drawn lining. In the stamping parts processing industry, there are various metal stamping products, and precision metal stamping parts have high requirements on the quantity, especially for electronic products. Electronic stamping parts manufacturers also need to have very strict requirements on the processing and manufacturing of precision metal stamping parts. The shape and dimension accuracy of electronic stamping parts are also required to be high.

1. The shape of the bending surface shall be symmetrical as far as possible, and the bending radius shall not be less than the allowable lower limit of the material.

2. Avoid hole deformation when bending parts with holes.

3. The shape of metal stampings shall be simple, and the depth shall not be too large, so as to reduce the drawing times and facilitate the formation.

4. The chamfer radius of metal stamping parts shall be processed carefully, otherwise, the number of drawing times and dies will be increased, and it is easy to spread. The elastic discharge plate or fixed discharge plate accepted by the metal stamping die depends on the discharge force, and the thickness of the material is the main consideration. With the increasing elasticity of elastic elements (such as rectangular springs) used in the die, the discharge force of the elastic discharge plate is greatly increased. According to the current situation, when the material thickness is about 2mm or less, the elastic unloading plate should be used. When the material thickness is greater than 2mm, it is better to fix the unloading plate. The thickness of the material punched by the die is 1mm, so the elastic discharge plate can be applied.

Epoxy resin asphalt cement coating is a kind of component coating with high adhesion and very smooth surface. Because the manufacturing process is difficult, it has a certain range in application. Aluminate cement coating or potassium thiocyanate concrete coating, these two special concrete coatings are applicable to the internal corrosion prevention of stamping and stretching parts, improving the working ability of corrosion resistance.

Polyurethane material coating is a new type of green special coating, which aims to meet the requirements of environmental protection and has high wear resistance and corrosion resistance.

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