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Industry news

Common faults of automotive wiring terminals!
Release time:2022-06-03Views:3087

From the application point of view, the functions of the automobile wiring terminal should be: the area where
the contact part should be closed must be closed, and the contact is reliable. Areas that should not be closed
must be reliably insulated. There are three common methods for fatal failure of automotive wiring terminals:

1. Poor contact
The metal electrical conductor of the internal structure is the key component of automotive wiring terminal. It transmits the operating voltage, current or data signals from external cables or cables to the contact parts of the matching RF connectors. Therefore, the contact parts need to have good structure, stable and reliable contact force and good conductivity. Because the overall design of contact parts is not scientific, the raw materials are not correct, the mold is unstable, the production and processing specifications are biased, the surface is not smooth, the surface treatment of heat treatment process is not scientific, the assembly is unreasonable, which makes the storage and application difficult, the actual operation is wrong, the contact parts and coordination parts are bad contact.

2. Poor insulation
The function of the insulator is to maintain a reasonable ranking of the contact, and to make the contacts
insulated between contacts and shell. Therefore, insulating parts need to have excellent electrical characteristics, physical properties and processing technology forming characteristics. In particular, due to the universal
application of high-density and miniaturized terminals, the high-efficiency wall thickness of insulators is
becoming thinner and thinner. This clearly puts forward stricter regulations on insulation raw materials, plastic mold precision and forming processing technology. Due to unnecessary metal materials, surface dust, welding
flux and other environmental pollution on the surface or internal structure of the insulator, organic material
precipitation, harmful gas adsorption film and surface shrinkage, positive ion conductive safety channel,
humidity, mildew, aging of insulation raw materials will lead to short-circuit fault, electricity, penetration, low
insulation resistance and insulation safety risks.

3. Poor immobility
Insulators not only have an insulating effect, but also usually provide accurate neutralization maintenance for
protruding contact parts. At the same time, it also has the functions of precise positioning, assembly, clamping and fixing on mechanical equipment. Poor fixation may endanger the reliable contact, cause the power supply to be turned off instantly, and even more seriously, the commodity is dissolved. Disassembly refers to the serious
harm caused by the unreliable structure of automobile wiring terminal due to raw materials, design scheme,
processing technology and other factors, resulting in the frequent separation between socket and power socket, and the end of electromagnetic energy transmission and data signal control of automatic control system. Due to unreliable design scheme, incorrect selection, unreasonable selection of forming process, poor quality of heat
treatment process, mold, installation, dissolution and other processing processes, untimely installation, resulting in poor fixation.

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