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What are the common precision metal stamping parts?
Release time:2023-04-17Views:2344

Stamping relies on external forces exerted by presses and molds, strips and profiles to produce plastic deformation or separation, in order to obtain the desired shape and size of the workpiece, including cutting, bending, deep drawing, forming and other processes. The design of stamping molds, grinding tools/stamping machine tools, and stamping raw materials constitute the three basic elements of stamping parts processing, and stamping parts can only be obtained through mutual integration. High precision metal stamping parts should meet on-site requirements and can be classified into multiple types based on their main purpose and process characteristics.

What are the common precision metal stamping parts?

1. Automotive components: mainly including automotive structural components, automotive functional components, automotive lathe components, automotive solenoid valves, etc.

Electronic devices: mainly including connecting components, connectors, carbon brush components, household appliance wiring terminals, etc.

Home appliance components: mainly including color tube electronic gun components, small home appliance components, various structural and functional components, etc.

IC integrated circuit chip lead frame: mainly including separated component lead frame and integrated circuit chip lead frame.

Motor core: mainly includes single-phase series excitation motor core, single-phase household motor core, single-phase cover motor core, industrial production motor core, plastic sealing film motor stator core, etc.

Electrical equipment iron core: mainly including E-shaped transformer iron core, EI transformer iron core, I-shaped transformer iron core, and other transformer iron chips.

Other components: mainly including instrument components, IT components, acoustic and camera components, modern office components, and daily hardware.

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