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Industry news

What is metal stamping
Release time:2022-07-11Views:1357

Simply speaking, metal stamping is similar to our ancient iron striking. But now it is no longer manual chiseling, instead it uses automatic punch equipment and metal dies to pass various stainless steel materials, iron materials, aluminum alloy materials, copper alloy materials, etc. through the die. With the help of the
pressing force (tonnage) of the equipment, it bends, punches or cuts in the die. The thicker the material, the greater the tonnage of equipment force required. The shapes and dimensions are determined by the mold, which is designed by CAD or 3D drawing software according to customer's drawings. In terms of stamping process category, this kind of plastic processing mode is collectively referred to as sheet metal forming.

Academically, sheet metal forming refers to the processing method of using coiled materials, single sheet materials, capillary materials, special shape materials, etc. as raw materials. Metal stamping is one of the many processes of sheet metal forming. In the process of metal stamping, the process is generally divided into cutting, bending, drawing, punching and necking, trimming, bulging and so on. The cutting process is the process of cutting, tearing and stripping the required shape from the base coiled material with the help of the force of the punch, by fixing both sides of the raw material with a positioning needle during stamping. The cutting section and shape edges will vary according to the requirements of each product drawing. Bending and drawing belong to the forming process. The forming requirement is not to change the properties of metal materials. They are all in solid states, only plastic deformation, which is different from the casting process. For example, stainless steel is divided into martensite, austenite and precipitation hardening system. The product made of austenitic stainless steel is still austenitic stainless steel. Dimensions shall meet customer usability and drawing requirements.

Usually, there are two kinds of stamping according to the process requirements, namely, thermal processing and cold stamping. Like many parts on the car, the material is very thick, and there is processing internal stress after bending, which will rebound after bending. Similar products will be processed in thermal processing. Before material going through the stamping machine, heat and burn the red steel plate before stamping. As choosing which stamping method, it is determined by specific product requirements and equipment capacity.

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