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Industry news

What are the characteristics of metal stamping parts with different processes?
Release time:2022-08-29Views:1271

At present, precision metal stamping parts are used in industries including automotive industry, parts and components of automotive and other industries, electrical part s stamping plants, and household electrical parts stamping plants, which mainly adopt cold / hot stamping process, extrusion, die casting, etc., and have a wide definition.

As the name implies, a stamping part is a part stamped by a stamping die. Among them, the molds used more in metal stamping processing refer to the molds used for steel / non-ferrous metal and other plates at room temperature. The pressure required for processing is provided by the press to form the specified shape. The use process of metal stamping parts in different application fields is also different. The following are the characteristics of stamping parts with different processes.


Application fields and processes of precision metal stamping parts:

Stamping of parts and components in automotive and other industries, mainly punching and shearing

Stamping in the automotive industry: it is mainly based on drawing. In China, it is mainly concentrated in large-scale factories such as automotive factories, tractor factories and aircraft factories. It is an independent large-scale stamping and drawing factory.

Home appliance parts stamping plants: most of them are distributed in home appliance enterprises, most of which are behind domestic appliances in China.

Electrical parts stamping plant: mainly concentrated in the south. It is an emerging industry with the development of electrical appliances.

Special stamping Enterprises: for example, stamping aviation parts belongs to special stamping enterprises, and generally these factories belong to large factories.

Daily necessities stamping factory: make some handicrafts, tableware, etc. These factories have also made great development in recent years.

Stamping of clock shell accessories: mainly using precision stamping. Manufacturers widely use stamping technology and have high requirements for equipment.

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