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Industry news

The reason of precision metal stamping affecting the precision of stamping parts
Release time:2022-12-16Views:965

The production of precision stamping parts is composed of presses and molds. Steel, pipes and various materials shall be plastically deformed or separated by external forces to obtain workpieces of required shape and size, which is the manufacturing process of stamping parts. The three indispensable elements in stamping are metal materials, dies and presses.

Rockwell hardness tester is used for hardness testing of metal stamping parts, such as stampings with complex shapes that have very small test planes and cannot be detected on an ordinary desktop Rockwell hardness tester. Stamping processing includes bending, drawing and forming. In the production process, due to various reasons, the precision of stamping parts is not enough. The reasons are summarized as follows

1. The quality of raw materials is poor.

2. Due to the improper adjustment of the previous process or the wear of fillets, the principle of equal volume during deformation is broken by the multi process manufacturing process, resulting in the size change after blanking.

3. Due to poor positioning or poor design of positioning mechanism during operation, movement occurs during blanking. Or because of the defects of the shearing part (prism shape, missing edge, etc.), the positioning is inaccurate, which may lead to the size discrepancy.

4. The blanking sequence is incorrect.

5. The manufacturing of the die edge is poor. The rebound in the precision stamping process, the part shape of the previous process and the supporting surface shape of the working part of the next process die are inconsistent, so that the precision stamping parts are deformed in the stamping process, and the elastic recovery occurs after stamping, thus affecting the dimensional accuracy.

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