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Industry news

What are the advantages of precision metal stamping?
Release time:2022-08-29Views:1004

Many people do not know what the advantages of precision metal stamping are. This article will give you a detailed introduction.

Precision metal stamping process can customize products according to the needs of enterprises and specific shapes and sizes. On the stamping equipment, the die can apply pressure on the metal or metal plate material to deform or separate it. At present, the metal stamping process is also widely used in precision metal processing, which is conducive to the technical and economic advantages of other processes.


Quick introduction to 5 precision metal stamping features:
1. The precision of parts produced by precision metal stamping process can reach micron level, and the common advantages of high repetition precision and standard can punch holes, bosses, etc.
Precision metal stamping has high production efficiency, wide parts customization range and high material utilization rate (generally up to 70-85%).
It is easy to operate, suitable for the production of large batch products, and convenient for automation and mechanized application.
Compared with forgings and castings, precision metal stamping parts have the characteristics of thin, uniform, light and strong.
Precision metal stamping has high functional stability, and precision metal stamping parts have good interchangeability.

The advantages and characteristics of metal stamping process are briefly introduced above. At the same time, precision metal stamping parts are widely used in various industries, such as clocks and watches, ultra precision electronic parts, auto parts, mobile phone batteries, electronic circuit boards, etc., playing an important role.

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