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Industry news

What are the uses of automobile terminals?
Release time:2022-05-28Views:3404

Nowadays, more and more young people are not so stubborn about housing. Instead, a large number of them want to have their own car. The younger generation will think more about the safety factor of car. As the working current and information transmission connector of various electronic device harnesses in the whole car, the regulation on the automotive terminal is very high. If the harness is a body nerve line, the automotive terminal is the contact point in each nerve line.


The following describes the main uses of each position of the automotive terminal:

The lock port of the terminal line generally has three areas: front, back and both sides. The actual effect is to fix the car lock terminal in the plastic sleeve to prevent the harness terminal from falling down due to objective reasons.

When the anti-theft lock core area of the terminal line contacts the harness transmission line, current and transmission data signal will pass through the area and be transmitted between automotive harness terminal and the harness, indicating on the household appliance. This area is also a step in the operating characteristics of the entire vehicle power circuit and also the most important area to ensure the operation of mechanical equipment.

There are two different functional applications in the harness riveted insulation area and automotive terminal contact area: One is to prevent the harness copper core at the end of the plastic sleeve from being exposed to the air, which is particularly prone to short circuit failure under high working voltage. Second, after the end of the harness is riveted to the automotive terminal, the shaking level between the harness and the automotive terminal is controlled to a certain extent. A rupture or fall may be caused by reducing the shaking.

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