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Industry news

Advantages and characteristics of automobile wire harness during welding
Release time:2022-02-28Views:3575

The automobile harness terminal welding machine used for automobile steering device electronic wire welding is composed of ultrasonic generator, sensor, welding joint and pneumatic components. Ultrasonic metal welding technology is adopted to convert high-frequency electric energy into mechanical vibration energy, which is transmitted to the harness through the welding die. Vibration friction generates heat energy until the harness melts and adds a certain pressure, multiple wire harnesses will be connected together to achieve the parallel welding effect of wire harness welding. Special welding machine for automobile harness terminal is applicable to the welding of various automobile copper and aluminum harness, capacitor line, electrical joint connection, motor joint connection, relays and other precision metal parts; welding of copper and aluminum wires, cables, copper stranded wire, copper braided wire and metal terminals; welding of wires or thin cables to automobile airbag wire row. It can also be used for automotive wiring terminal, automotive harness, motor terminal, relay sheet, electrolytic capacitor, carbon brush, radiator, copper tube, copper tube + aluminum sheet, copper tube + copper sheet.

Characteristics of automobile harness terminal welding machine:

1. Automobile harness terminal metal welding machine adopts the operation principle of rod, with simple & convenient and small & flexible machine head;

2. Ultrasonic copper and aluminum wire harness welding machine adopts the cross installation mold, which only needs to be installed and fixed in the cross mold holder clamping knife, which is simple and convenient;

3. Automobile copper wire/beam copper sheet ultrasonic welding machine adopts self-current protection device system, which is mainly used to protect the high-frequency tube from burning the unnecessary electronic tube due to excessive current;

4. Automobile aluminum wire beam welder is a unique actuator, which can effectively transfer ultrasonic energy to the welding head and accurately adjust the correct position of upper and lower front blocks.

5. Ultrasonic automobile copper and aluminum harness and terminal welding machine can adjust the welding sequence of the harness with a cross-sectional area of 0.5-30mm2, and the welding effect is good;

6. The titanium welding head of precision automobile harness metal pressure welding machine using low-cost alternative welding head or integrated high hardness tool steel welding head, which can be quickly installed and reduce the cost.  

Advantages of automobile harness terminal welder:

Ultrasonic automobile harness terminal welder can weld various shapes of harness, including harness, braids and coils. These wire harness products are mainly used in automobile, aircraft, computers, consumer electronics and process control equipment. Generally, it is mainly used for wire harness production. The advantages of welding are: the welding parameters are constant to ensure the welding quality; simple operation, easy assembly and convenient maintenance, automatic process monitoring combined with quality control system, setting welding parameters such as energy, time and height in advance, very simple loading and unloading harness, convenient operation of system structure, stable and reliable mechanical adjustment device; convenient to operate, no professional technicians, ordinary employees can learn a one-day training. There is no auxiliary agent for welding and the processing cost is low, monitoring all important welding parameters to ensure the highest welding quality.

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