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Industry news

What questions do you have when purchasing automobile terminals?
Release time:2022-03-28Views:3270

There are lots of automobile terminals in the market, so when we choose automobile terminals, it is the primary task to understand the relevant information of purchasing products. This article mainly expounds the problems that need special attention when purchasing automobile terminals.

What materials are available?

The material of automobile terminals is copper or aluminum. Copper is heavier but more durable, and aluminum is lighter but less durable. Depending on your application and the appropriate current intensity, because some devices may use terminal wires made of only one material.

What kind of insulation is available?

PVC insulating materials or cross-linked insulating materials can usually be used for automobile terminal wires because they are extruded under heat and pressure to change the molecular structure so that they can withstand higher temperatures. Cross-linked insulation is generally more durable, while PVC insulation is more cost-effective. Fully aware of the wires used in the equipment. Since cross-linked wires are used in extremely high temperature applications such as engine compartments, PVC insulated wires can be used in general applications.

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