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Why choose stamping
Release time:2022-07-11Views:1137

There are various ways of metal processing. If the volume is large and the accuracy requirement is relatively high, stamping will be selected. Stamping products are stable in dimension, light in weight, and have good surface condition and accuracy. As they depend on punches and molds, the production cycle is long and initial mold investment is large. There are three common types of stamping dies:

1)Single punching die: in one stroke of stamping, only one process can be completed, generally manual feeding

2)Continuous die: it is also translated as "progressive die". Two or more stamping processes are completed at the same time during one stroke of stamping

3)Composite mold: multiple materials are carried out simultaneously or multiple processes are conducted at the same time.

When the quantity of mass production is not large or the product has not been finalized, the early trial will be completed by prototype or single die, which can be at a lower cost. When the shape and specific dimensions of the product have been verified and can be batched, continuous die or composite die will be used. Because there will be a gap between theory and practice, the yield of raw materials and the matching degree of mold parts are not equal to the actual value. "Prank" action in the early mold trial stage is to find out the differences between the design and practice, repair or remake parts, in order to make the quality of the products completely consistent with the requirements of the drawings.

This cycle is determined according to the difficulty of the product. It can be done quickly at one time, whereas sometimes the mold in the R & D stage will take half a month or even more. This process is like the process of cocoon stripping, which is also like go see a doctor. In the eyes of the mold repairman, every steel plate has life. Under the skillful hands of punching, rubbing, grinding and knocking, each part can achieve the best clearance. By cooperating with each other, a satisfactory finished product can finally be produced.

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