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Industry news

Detailed of motor terminals and other presses
Release time:2022-01-17Views:4052

Motor stator, rotor, terminal servo tablet press, servo press.

In the process of pressing motor stator, rotor and terminal, the follow-up press display the pressing position and loading pressure value in real time, and timely & accurately judge whether the interference size is appropriate. At the same time, they display the pressing force and displacement curve in real time, which completely solves the disadvantages that the traditional press cannot be detected, and the low efficiency of the testing machine that cannot be mass produced. By strengthening design of the overall structure of the equipment, the stiffness far exceeds the general standard of ordinary press, and the overall dust-proof design is adopted. After the operation, the system automatically stores the press fitting process data into the industrial computer.

Press fit the motor terminal bearing.

The insertion of motor terminal into the shaft is to ensure the embedded torque strength by controlling the surplus or shaft punch (also known as anti-turn reinforcement), because the machining error, too large or too small interference will affect the rotor, and the torque between commutator and shaft. Libig servo pressure function can ensure that the impact torsion is detected, determine the unqualified products with out of tolerance thickness of silicon steel sheet thickness, so as to make zero defects products.

Due to the shaft length tolerance, it is difficult to unify the assembly that is accurately pressed to the stop position close to the snap spring, and the press mounting position for each workpiece shall be different. The problem with the fixed position of the ordinary press is that there is axial displacement during the operation of the motor, which affects the stability of the motor. The servo press can be stopped through the sudden change of pressure, so as to cling to the snap spring and improve the product quality.

On the conventional press, due to the risk of falling off and cracking of oil bearing, Libig servo press separates dangerous products and finds potential quality risks through pressure on-line detection.

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