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Industry news

Basic knowledge of automobile harness terminal
Release time:2022-01-17Views:4052

Generally speaking, the automobile harness terminal refers to the electrical element that connects the conductor (wire) with the corresponding matching element to realize current or signal. Application in different fields such as aerospace, communication and data transmission, new energy vehicles, rail transit, consumer electronics, medical care, lighting and other different fields.

Such a large automobile harness terminal market, as the sales of terminal line industry, needs more knowledge to enrich itself, so as to better carry out business. Now, let's share some basic things.

1. Customers need to develop, which is very important. At present, there are still many sales directions of terminal harness.

2. We must ensure the credibility of the customers we find. In the case of poor credibility, it is difficult to collect the payment, which is obviously not a wise choice, which is very important.

3. The sales contract must be signed. You must sign it,otherwise, you may be unlucky.

4. It is necessary to ensure that the quality of the sales terminal line is qualified, because the quality of the terminal line is particularly important in the process of use. If there are batch defects that cause losses to customers, the company will face huge losses in case of claims.

5. We must grasp our own production and sales. We must not have the phenomenon of more output and less sales, which will bring pressure to our own economy and easily cause capital chain problems.

6. We must first send the samples to the customers, and then make sure that the samples are qualified before mass production. We must not make mass production because the samples are not confirmed, which is easy to cause batch defects.

The above contents are some basic knowledge that should be paid attention to when selling automobile harness terminals, but they are also very practical. 

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