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Industry news

Application of automobile harness terminal connection plugin
Release time:2021-12-30Views:3783

Automobile harness terminal is a component often contacted by electronic engineering technicians in China. Its function is very simple: to build a communication bridge between the blocked or isolated circuits, to make the current flow so that the circuit reaches the predetermined function. Automobile harness terminal is an integral part of electronic devices. It can always find one or more connections when it is observed along a path of a current flow. The form and structure of automobile harness terminals vary greatly. There are many different forms of connectors along with the application object, frequency, power, application environment, etc. For example, the connector for stadium lighting and the joint of hard disk are very different from that of ignition rocket. However, no matter what kind of connection mode, it is necessary to ensure the steady, continuous and stable current flow. As for the general sense, automobile harness terminal is not limited to current. Today, with the rapid development of optoelectronic technology, the carrier of signal transmission in the optical-fiber system includes light, glass, plastic, etc., while the wire of ordinary circuit is used, but the connector is also used for photo-signal channel, and its function is the same as that of electrical coupler.

In order to fully realize the market-oriented competition of automobile harness terminals, each enterprise operates independently facing the market. Worldwide, automobile harness terminals have been occupied by manufacturers in the four countries and regions: United States, Japan, France and Taiwan. In terms of competition pattern, three foreign-funded enterprises such as TE Connectivity, Amphenol and Molex account for 80% in China Mobile communication terminal and digital product micro-precision connector market.

At present, Chinese mainland automotive harness terminal manufacturers have reached more than 1000, of which 300 are foreign-funded enterprises, and more than 700 are local manufacturers, mainly distributed in the Yangtze River Delta and Pearl River Delta region. Domestic automobile harness terminal manufacturers are generally small in scale and weak in strength; some military enterprises have advantages in technology R & D, but most of the product application fields are concentrated in military products, and the mass production is insufficient, which has a certain gap with the company for market segments.

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