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Industry news

The difference between flat washer and stainless steel spring washer
Release time:2021-12-12Views:4071

Function of flat washer:
1. Increase the contact area between screw and machine.
2. Eliminate the damage to the machine surface caused by the spring pad when removing the screw. Usage: the flat washer rests against the surface of the machine, and the stainless steel spring washer is between the flat washer and the nut. Increase the force bearing surface of the screw. In order to prevent the screw from loosening, the stainless steel spring washer has a certain buffer protection effect under force. Although flat pads can be damaged, they are more often used as a supplement or flat pressing pad.

Function of stainless steel spring washer:
1. The function of stainless steel spring washer is after tightening the nut, the spring washer is tightened to the nut so that it is not easy to fall off. The basic effect of elasticity is to give a force to the nut a force after tightening the nut and increase the friction between nut and bolt.
2. Generally, when stainless steel spring washers are used, do not use flat washer (except that the surface between fasteners and mounting surface shall be protected).
3. The flat washer is generally used for soft connectors. Its main function is to increase the contact area, disperse the pressure and prevent the softening of the texture.

When is it better to use stainless steel spring washer?

1. Generally speaking, when the load is small, only flat gaskets are used and do not withstand vibration load.

2. When the load is large, the elastic spacer combination must be used.

3. Stainless steel spring washers basically cannot be used alone.

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