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Industry news

Manufacturing process scheme of automobile harness terminal
Release time:2021-12-12Views:3802

Automobile harness terminal refers to the whole of maintenance equipment provided by a carrier group. Automobile harness terminal is composed of insulating sheath, wiring terminal, conductor and insulating binding material. It is the wiring component connecting each electrical equipment in the circuit. Such as relay, control system, switch, etc. The application of vehicles, like the nerves and blood vessels of automobiles, mainly plays the role of transmitting electricity and signals.

1. Taking European and American countries including China for example, IATF16949 system is used to control the production process.

2. Dominated by Japan, take Toyota and Honda for example, they have their own system control processes and exclusive automobile harness terminals, and attach importance to having cable production experience and cable cost control power.

The reuse materials of automobile harness terminals mainly include: wire rod, sheath, terminal, sheath accessories, harness perforated rubber parts, etc.

Automobile harness terminal is a kind of waterproof rubber thermal shrink sleeve, which has the characteristics of soft, flame retardant, good sealing, moisture-proof and waterproof performance, and plays a solid protective role in protecting the wiring harness; cover and protect products.

Bellows accounts for about 60% of wire harness dressing, which is characterized by good wear resistance and high temperature resistance in high temperature area, good flame resistance and good heat resistance. The temperature resistance range is 40-150℃. Materials are usually classified into PP and PA2. PA material is superior to PP material in flame retardant and wear resistance, whereas PP material is better in bending fatigue resistance.

Good flexibility, good distortion resistance, heavy load resistance, acid resistance lubricating oil, coolant, etc;

Can withstand greater pressure under the feet, continuous crack without deformation, can recover quickly and keep itself from harm;

An adhesive heat-shrink sleeve is installed on the inner wall.

Double layer soft flame retardant polyolefin hot melt adhesive, external softening polyolefin, flame retardant, low temperature shrinkage, and internal thermal melt adhesive buffer, and the machinery shall be sealed by the transformer;

Sealing waterproof, anti-corrosion, gas leakage and multi strand harness insulation.

The inner wall does not contain the adhesive thermal shrink sleeve.

Rubber free single-arm heat shrinkable pipe, flame retardant, soft, insulating, low temperature shrinkage, low temperature shrinkage temperature 90℃;

Continuous operating temperature - 55C ~ + 125C.

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