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Industry news

Mechanism characteristics of stainless steel spring washer
Release time:2021-11-25Views:3128

Stainless steel spring washer is widely used in bearing capacity and non-bearing capacity structures of general mechanical products, which has the characteristics of low cost, easy for installation, can frequently installed and disassembled. However, the loose prevention ability of stainless steel spring washer is very low! Especially in the products requiring high reliability in European and American countries, the utilization rate is very low, especially the important bearing structure connecting parts have been abandoned for many years. China still has some applications in the military industry, but it has been changed to stainless steel materials. It is said that CASC has long prohibited the use of stainless steel spring washers! It is also said that it is unsafe for two reasons: one is the expansion ring, and the other is hydrogen embrittlement.

Stainless steel spring washer in screw industry is often called spring washer. Its material is stainless steel and carbon steel, and carbon steel is iron. The specifications of commonly used spring washers are M3, M4, M5, M6, M8, M10, M12, M14 and M16. According to National standard GB/T94 1-87, standard stainless steel spring washer with specification of 2-48mm is specified.

Quoted standard GB94.4-85

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