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Industry news

Release time:2021-11-18Views:3498

Automobile terminals are now used as vehicle connectors, especially the current and signal transmission connectors of new energy vehicles. Waterproof of automobile terminal is an important part of finished products of automobile terminal. Air tightness detector is generally used for waterproof test for air tightness of automobile terminal. Air tightness and waterproof test is mainly used to detect whether there is leakage at the processing position of needle, shell and sealant, resulting in the possibility of water intake. Air tightness and waterproof testing instrument can be used to detect the air tightness and waterproof of automobile terminals.

To realize the air tightness and waterproof detection of automobile terminals, first of all, the waterproof detection mold should be customized according to the structure of automobile terminals, place it into the mold cavity, seal it after the upper and lower molds are closed, and then the test can be started after installing the test port for air tightness and waterproof testing instrument at the vehicle end.

The equipment management of automobile terminal sealing waterproof detection system takes compressed air as the medium, and nondestructive detection can be well achieved by using the detection and research method directly, because the medium we detect is air, and the impact and damage of atmosphere on enterprise product development are not very serious; Secondly, because air molecules are smaller than water molecules, they can detect very small leakage, and the operation is relatively simple, which can improve the teaching efficiency.

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