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Industry news

One of metal stamping material series--Classification of spring stainless steel
Release time:2021-09-07Views:3948

When at every exhibition or customer visit, technicians will be asked what material Hashimoto's shrapnel is made of and what characteristics are required? Based on these frequently asked questions, we sorted out some information for your reference:


In our company, spring stainless steel is mainly used for sheet springs in automobile parts, electrical machines and so on.

The relevant specification standards are as follows:

JIS H 3130 beryllium copper, phosphor bronze and white copper for springs

ISO6931-2: 1989 Stainless steels forspring-Part2:Strip

ISO9447: 1990 Cold-rolled stainless steelnarrow strip


Table 1: Types and models


After knowing the use function of customer's product, select the appropriate material to match. The first thing to confirm is the material composition. Some materials are purchased from the original factory with MOQ requirements. If it is only a small batch trial, you will inevitably deal with some small material traders. Some material traders are dishonest and will provide the material certificate of imported materials, whereas they supply other materials, replacing superior quality products with shoddy products. In this regard, special attention should be paid to material traceability when verifying suppliers.

So far, Hashimoto incoming materials and selecting suppliers, all of these require traceability to the mine. The supplier must provide the original material certificate and traceability investigation, and need to provide a series of certificates of ingredients, place of origin, free of harmful substances and compliance proof documents. Although it is only a functional part on the medical device and a terminal on the automobile, the role of each part cannot be ignored after it is made into a finished product. For the FMEA management link, the material can only be traced thoroughly so that the characteristics can be better guaranteed.

Table 2: Chemical composition of austenitic material

Unit %


Table 3: Chemical composition of martenite material

Unit %

The composition of nickel in martensitic materials is relatively small. Even if the measured value is less than 0.60%, it is normal.



Table 4: Chemical composition of precipitation hardening material 

Unit %


The above materials are cold rolled and calendered. Only the SUS420J2 annealing again after cold rolling and calendering, and SUS631 will undergo solid-soluble heat treatment (1000~1100°C quench). Through these, the material characteristics and product stamping function are ensured.

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