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FAQ of stamping parts in production
Release time:2021-09-07Views:6623

1. Adhesion and scratch: defects on the surface of part or tooling due to the friction between material and punch or die.

2. Burr: it mainly occurs in the shear die and blanking die. Burr will occur when the gap between cutting edges is large or small.

3. Deflection: Due to uneven stress, poor matching of tensile reinforcement, or poor control of the press slide, resulting in assembly corners or embossing parts have twists and turns, strain.

4. Uneven: Foreign matters (iron scurf, rubber and dust) are mixed in the coil front line to cause uneven.

5. Offset: When the piece is shaped, the site first contact with the mold was squeezed and a line was formed.
6. The punching size is too large or too small: In case of large difference from the punch size, the factors such as design size, machining accuracy and cutting clearance shall be considered.
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